Greek Culture And Other Civilizations At The Time Essay

Greek Culture And Other Civilizations At The Time Essay

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1. What was unique/different/strange about Greek culture as compared to other civilizations at the time?
The things that were unlike about the Greek culture compared to others could start with their idea that theft was ok if it was something they desired. When the Greeks took to the seas they almost became pirates when they wanted something and in their eyes it was ok to do this. The Greeks also lived without Kings and even divided their land into Polets (Cities), which today does not seem bizarre or different, but in those days that was very different for the cultures to live by. One very strange way the Greeks were different from other cultures were their relationships that involved men with men, actually it was teens with older men, some having sexual relationships, very different than the homosexual relationships that we have today. Sporting events involved only males with no clothes on with only males watching the events, the Olympics were held this way. Some female virgins were allowed to go to pick out their soon to be husbands.
2. How were Sparta and Athens different? Explain fully. Which of these two city-states would you rather have lived in? Why?
The Spartans were more of a militarism state with fairness in values. This meant that the Spartans were all created equal and even the lands were separated equally between families with no signs of preferentialism. The men were meant to be in the military and males were taken from their homes at an early age and lived among other males for the remainders of their lives, even after marriage. Athenians lived a life of class organization, those with the most money and the strongest owned the most land and did the most in society.
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... think the Roman emperors were bad men, however they were very smart businessmen/politicians. Take Octavian for example, he destroyed all of his enemies and entered into an empire of peace. He made sure to keep all the power in his hands to not allow anyone to overthrow him. This was a smart move but not a moral one. Soon emperors became gods to all, his reign was all based on lies to the people that trusted him most
10. What threats and struggles did the Roman Empire face in the second century A.D.? Explain.
Germans and Goths, known as barbarians by the Greeks stay hidden in the woods resisting subjugation. Hernan the German leader masterminded an ambush of 3 Roman legions deep in the forest around A.D. 9. The Persians were another threat as the Romans failed to win against the Persians, and lastly the internal weaknesses became a huge threat to the Roman Empire.

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