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The Greek City Of Sparta Essay

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One of the most well known Greek city-states was Sparta. The people of Sparta were very well-known and feared by others who lived around them. This was rightfully so since the Spartans were a rather fierce people, whose lives were mainly lived only to make up strong armies.
The Spartan lifestyle for men was very harsh. Even from the beginning, male babies were tested to see if they were healthy and strong. If the required standards of health and strength were not met, the baby was left to die. Strong and healthy babies lived with their mothers until they turned 7 years old. After this age, the boys would go into the Agoge where they were taught obedience to the state and how to handle hardships like lack of food and pain. Spartan boys were encouraged to steal from nearby farms since this was believed to be a sign of cleverness. Spartan boys were even put in competitions of endurance, where they would be whipped, to see who could handle the most pain. It was not uncommon for boys to die during their training. Boys were taught till they reached the age of 20, at which they would enter the army and continue to live in a harsh lifestyle. Spartan soldiers were given land by the state. The soldiers, though, did not usually live on the land but in their barracks until they turned around the age of 60. Men were encouraged to marry and were ridiculed if they did not marry within a certain time. Even so, most men did not marry until they were around 30 years old.
The Spartan lifestyle was much less hard for women than for men. Although this is true, women were still tested as babies to see if they were strong and healthy. If they were not, they would be left to die just as the boys. Women kept fit so that they could have strong and heal...

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...always about strength and war in Sparta. After being defeated in war a few different times, the Spartans made drastic changes to their law and way of life. One man who is said to be most involved in this was Lycurgus. It is said that Lycurgus was the one who changed the law in Sparta so that they would be a great military force. It is also said that Lycurgus was the one who made the gerousia and the apella levels of government. Although there are several stories about Lycurgus, some historians disbelieve that such a man ever existed.
The Spartans considered strength very important in their daily lives. This is very obvious by their strict rules and regulations about fitness and their rules about a man joining the army. Their very lifestyle consisted of making themselves stronger and producing strong children so that they could not be defeated as easily in battle.

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