Greek And Roman Structures Built During The Roman Empire Essay

Greek And Roman Structures Built During The Roman Empire Essay

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There is extensive overlap between Mediterranean cultures, such as the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, due to their close proximity to each other. As a result, the monumental architecture of these societies share common characteristics, some of which are adopted from previous societies. The axiality of Etruscan architecture greatly impacted the construction and orientation Roman structures built during the Roman Empire. The massive proportions and prominent colonnades of Greek temples also reappear later in Roman temple, illustrating the connection between the two cultures. Although architects appear to create, or invent, new structures, they often adopt aspects from pre-existing buildings previously known to the society and incorporate them into their own, illustrated by the architectural characteristics defining monumental Etruscan, Greek and Roman structures. New architectural forms, such as Roman temples, are not isolated inventions specific to a singular culture, but rather a unique combination of elements borrowed from the Etruscans and Greeks, shared through forms of information exchange, such as the unification of the Roman Empire.
There are various forms of Roman temples, but many are defined by their axial orientation, stemming from Etruscan architecture and exemplified by the Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum of Augustus. Augustus came into power during a time when Rome was extremely run down and corrupted. As a result, he began to transform Rome by cleaning up the city and rebuilding structures, ultimately changing the city to the grand center it came to be. Augustus did not invent the Roman temple by any means, but he drew attention to it by emphasizing the forum surrounding the temple. The Forum of Augustus, where th...

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...built by borrowing aspects from other cultures and creating something new.
Etruscan, Greek and Roman temples share many similarities proving the Roman temple was not invented alone, but instead was invented through a process of synthesizing architectural elements into a new structure. The axial orientation from the Etruscans and the prominent colonnade and other aspects of Greek temples all contribute to the classic Roman temple known to society today. This adoption of architectural characteristics does not end with the fall of the Roman Empire. Later civilizations adopted and transformed characteristics from Roman architecture, contributing to the ever-evolving design and construction of structures. Contemporary structures borrow elements from the Romans and other previous cultures, illustrating this evolution and simultaneous invention of new architectural forms.

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