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Greek and Roman Monsters Essay

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A child’s mind is fuel for new ideas and creations because it is full of imagination. Their way of thinking is pure, uncorrupted by the adults of society. People may think that a child is irrational and immature in their thoughts, but the truth is that they are living in their world, the way they imagine it. Based on their experiences, they are able to design anything in their head, whether it is the shape of a cloud or a monster under the bed. When there is not an explanation for something, those who are innovative make one. For example, a simple question running through a child’s mind could be “Why is the closet so dark when the lights are on?”. Because there is no one telling right from wrong, they could assume anything they feel is rational, like a dark monster taking away all the light. Adults may refer to that as a myth, meaning that it is untrue and delusional, but the Greeks and Romans saw myths in a different way.
A myth was a way for them to explain everything around them and answer their questions, similar to those of a child. In their mythology, there are several monsters that help to answer these questions and others who serve as a reflection of their culture’s beliefs. The fiends of their mythology can then be classified into three different groups, incorporating both answers and reflections. These classifications of Greek and Roman monsters include those who are fatally destructive, craftily lethal, and distinctly unique.
The myth of the Labours of Heracles contributes to the understanding of the monsters it includes, like The Stymphalian Birds and Cerberus. These beasts are fearsome in their own ways. Robert Graves illustrates how the Stymphalian Birds migrated, causing havoc and destruction where ever they wen...

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