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The Greek And Roman Civilizations Essay

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Geography greatly influenced the Greek and Roman civilizations. Both the Greek and the Roman civilizations were located on the Mediterranean Sea allowing them to fish and benefitted trading and transportation. Due to their closeness in proximity the Greek and Roman civilizations shared political, religious, and cultural ideas. When the civilizations formed, many ideas like the Greek’s written language, art, and culture were derived from influences from the Middle East. In conclusion, due to the civilizations’ proximity to the Middle East and each other, the ability to share and expand upon each other’s ideas strengthened both of the civilizations.
There were many common political institutions in the Classical Mediterranean. One of the main aspects of the civilizations was city-states where there was multiple political units opposed to one. In addition, both the Greek and the Roman civilizations put a major focus on aristocratic power while still including some aspects of democracy, but Greece also used tyrants to rule. In Rome, the legislative body consisted of the Senate, which was mainly aristocrats, and had two consuls who had most of the power. Furthermore, a set of rules was created in Rome to make sure that the government had control over social relationships opposed to the men in each family. The majority of energy in both the Greek and Roman civilizations was pushed towards the strengthening of the military and the law system. In conclusion, both the Greek and Roman civilizations had exceedingly strong political institutions that we even use today.
Warfare and conquest shaped classical Mediterranean cultures. Both Greece and Rome fought in many wars such as the Peloponnesian Wars and the Punic Wars. During ...

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...previous powerful civilization of Greece, they became the heir to it.
Rome had a vast empire with many diverse people, but was still able to unify it. In order to attempt to save the falling Roman empire, emperor Constantine adopted the religion of Christianity to showcase something that could link everyone together in a unified empire. Another step taken to unify the empire was the formation of a strong military. This made sure that the entire empire was safe. The laws and politics in the Roman empire were very particular and created rules to make sure everyone in the empire knew they jobs and place in society. Last of all, one of the most relevant creations were roads. They allowed easy travel throughout the empire so that the empire was connected through its network of roads. In conclusion, Rome’s vast empire was unified through religion, politics, and roads.

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