Greek and Gothic Architecture Essay

Greek and Gothic Architecture Essay

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Gothic Architecture
Have you ever noticed the style in the buildings of your city? Well the style comes from an antique type of architecture called gothic architecture. The buildings now days have many developed characteristics from this style. Gothic architecture brought to the world many new features; the most important was the ogival arch, it helped the structure of the buildings and their inside designs.
Gothic architecture started when the roman empire declined and the middle ages arose. Some tribes began changing the roman architecture and then came up with a new type of architecture, gothic architecture. They changed the classic arches to ogival arches and they changed some of the materials of roman architecture so that the structures support better and last longer than they used to. Before Gothic architecture many styles had been functioning for centuries, from Greek architecture to roman architecture then the process of raising the new style begun. The styles before Gothic architecture were different from this one, Greek style used many pillars for sustaining the buildings, churches, cathedrals, etc. Greek architecture in difference to gothic architecture used many sculptures, the sculptures were mostly sing of religious ceremonies and traditions. After greek architecture declined when the romans took ideas and terms from the greeks the roman architecture surged. Roman architecture used many characteristics from greek architecture, like the columns, pillars, and sculptures. Although they took many ideas from the greeks, the etruscans, who were the people that raised the roman empire, invented the arches and the vaults. There is another type of architecture between the roman and the gothic, it was known as anglo-saxon ...

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... aspect in its inside and outside.
In roman architecture, people started using lighter and easier materials for their architectonic beauties. Gothic architecture followed the sample and used them to, but they used that plus other improved materials that made their constructing easier and faster, the only problem is that they didn't knew if it was safe or not.

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