Greed Is NOT Good: The Corruption of America Essay

Greed Is NOT Good: The Corruption of America Essay

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As Christmas begins to approach this season the serious issue of money in our society becomes highlighted as everyone scrambles to buy hundreds of dollars on gifts. One of the best representations of our society during Christmas is The Grinch. The people of Whoville believed that it was vital to have the biggest, most expensive accessories along with the most decorations and the most elaborate gifts under the tree. The citizens of Whoville were so succumbed by the mind set that money would buy them everything, the mayor even tried to buy a woman into marrying him through giving her a triple diamond ring, a car, etc. and was convinced that these gifts would guarantee him a yes to his proposal. Unfortunately, when the Grinch tried to point out the flaws in their materialistic views, he was ostracized for his efforts.
While we watch this movie, it is easy to see how ridiculous a society like this would be, but what we do not realize is that we are that society. On Black Friday (which should be re-named to Black-eyed Friday), people get so caught up in getting everything they want, that they’ll hurt each other over a ridiculous five-dollar sale on bath towels. Americans are becoming very materialistic and have such a shortsighted view on values in life because our main priorities have been focused on striving for wealth and success. Though wealth and success are very good things to strive for, we must limit ourselves to the amount of wealth we wish to obtain. This goal of achieving great amounts of money has been a very great tool for motivating many of us to be extremely successful and has taught us to have optimistic out-looks on what our future may hold. But what many of us don’t realize is that money has become a big issue in our ...

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