Essay on Greed Is For The Best Of People

Essay on Greed Is For The Best Of People

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“He who wants everything every time will lose everything at any time” (Vikrant Parsai). Think about that person who always goes out and buys those expensive shoes. They get everything that they want until it comes time to pay the bills. They don’t have the money because they spent all of it on their shoes. They end up losing everything that they had to pay the bills all because they wanted the most expensive pair of shoes or they just needed that extra pair. One of the definitions of greed is someone who is never content with what they have. They always need more or the newer version. Being content doesn’t apply to that person. Greed can get to the best of people. Most of the time it is indeed for the worst, but there are a few cases where greed is for the better. There are different types of greed for everyone. Greed can motivate people for the better while for others it can do terrible things to their lives and to others around them.
Greed can be in every person and everywhere. It’s how the person acts that determines if it’s the good or the bad kind of greed. If you walk into a newly built house what would you see? A gigantic kitchen that has enough space for 20 people to help make supper and still have room to move around. Their fridge can hold enough food that could feed four different families. Or the master bathroom where it has a fancy waterfall shower head with marble floors. More and more people are either rebuilding, remodeling, or just getting new appliances for your house. When you take a stroll around the school you see quite a few people with the expensive clothes. Rock Rivals, Buckle and Miss Me are just a few expensive brands of clothes. Children are growing up to think that those clothes are the only thing they ...

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...get something. Some students have an excessive desire to get straight “A’s” in all of their classes. If they don’t they get mad and some might blame the teachers for not getting an “A” or others might push themselves that much harder to get the “A”.
Greed can be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. It all depends on how you act. You can choose to use it for the better or you can use it for the worse. There will also be people in this world who will never be satisfied with what they have. You could give someone the whole world and it wouldn’t be enough for them. Lao Tzu said over 2,500 years ago “There is no calamity greater than lavish desire, no greater guilt than discontentment and no greater disaster than greed”. Greed can control your life, unless you know how to control it. Otherwise your life could end up in a disaster just like what Tao Tzu said.

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