Greece Will Make A Great L ' International Trip Essay

Greece Will Make A Great L ' International Trip Essay

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Greece would make a great W’international trip because it could appeal to many different people of many different majors. A religion major can enjoy an in depth study on the famous Greek Mythology. A philosophy and a political science major could enjoy the readings involving Socrates and Aristotle. An English and Art major would enjoy reading the poetry and art that came from Greece and has continued to influence the world. A history major would enjoy learning about how these things connected and affect the culture of the nation. With historical sites of Santorini, Athens, Peloponnese, and Crete everyone will be able to find something about Greece they love making this an ideal trip for many people with different interests.
The course would include watching films like 300. This movie obviously has many untruths in it, so as part of the course students would watch the movie and then write about how the movies differ from what actually happened based on historian analysis and firsthand accounts. Another important project of the course would be to pick one of the places being visited and do a group presentation on the site. Groups would be of no more than four people, but the Included would need to be not only the historic significance of the site, but also the statistics on the site as a tourist attraction. As part of the assignment students would be able to discover what historic sites they would like to visit in each location. For example the last site to visit would be Santorini famous for an exquisite view and clear waters. This is a popular tourist attraction so a student would need to find out how many tourists visit per year, when tourist season is at its peak, and how much money the city makes off of tourists and the most...

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... deserve it. Reading this book can teach students that not everyone in ancient Greece was violent like so many people believe. There were people who promoted peace, but they are often left out of History like a lot of other peaceful writers. Plato writes the Trail and death of Socrates in 399 BC and then retires to Megara over the loss of his beloved mentor. Thebes goes to war with Phokians of their “borrowing” from Delphi which still has ruins left in Greece. Plato Dies in 347 BC. 403 BC through 336 BC is the time of Political Bankruptcy of the City-States of Greece. Rhodes tried to mediate the third Macedonian war which was successful in 149 BC which was the last major war of Ancient Greece.
Greece in the Common Era was vastly different than before. The first Christian colony was established in 95 CE by St. John the divine laying way to the Greek Orthodox Church.

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