Essay about Greece : A Roads Than Paved Roads

Essay about Greece : A Roads Than Paved Roads

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As shown above, Greece has more unpaved roads than paved roads. Being that it is such a small country, it is not surprising that it only has 4 major seaports. When it comes to the waterways, there is the Corinth Canal that crosses the Isthmus of Corinth, shortening sea voyage by 325 kilometers (World Factbook). This makes it much easier for intermodal transportation, because it requires less from road transportation.
Greece has a few documents that are required when it comes to international trade. First, a company must submit 6 commercial invoices that are accurate and detailed in order to gain clearance. These commercial invoices should contain a clear description of goods, the gross and net weights, the EU Nimexe Code Number of the HS for each product with the corresponding price, the unit price of commodity, the total value of commodity, the agent 's commission, any discounts given, and the FOB value and itemized expenses to CIF. These invoices must also bear the signature of the original seller and be certified by a local member of chamber of commerce. As well as commercial invoices, 2 copies of a Bill of Lading are necessary in the importing of goods. A certificate of origin is also required (Export).
Compared to the rest of the European Union, Greece’s 3PLs are still in the early stages of development, but will continue to grow if they are able to get out of their financial crisis. Greek firms have turned to using 3PLs to outsource offering them more of an opportunity to advance in a complicated supply chain. Because Greece is mostly a trading company, the primary functions of 3PLs in Greece are transport, warehousing and distribution services. The demand for value added services such as raw material procurement, pre-ass...

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...o banks being unwilling to give out money to businesses. Agency Agreements are not required to be exclusive and may be valid for any amount of time (Greece-Distribution).
Greece has a variety of regulations that have been stated earlier, but they do have a somewhat complicated tariff system. Tariffs are based on a harmonized system with duties levied on imports to the European Union on an ad valorem cost, cost, insurance and freight basis. For most products, import duty is 5 to 7 per cent when charged. Most imported raw materials can be imported without duties, or with minimal duties. Greece has also signed an Information Technology Accord under the World Trade Organization to eliminate the tariff on a variety of IT Products such as Computers, Telecom Equipment, Semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, software, and scientific instruments (Export).

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