The Greatest Statesman Of The United States Essay

The Greatest Statesman Of The United States Essay

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Greatest Statesman
During the early 1800s the United States had just begun the fresh times of freedom. She was just a country beginning from scratch. Many political figures helped guide and make America who she is today. One figure known as, the greatest statesman, did what he could to make and keep America great. Highly praised by the nation’s sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, and other high members of the Congress and House of Representatives, it is said that, “...Clay held the states together long enough for a new generation of Americans to emerge who embraced nationhood—and were willing to fight and die to preserve it,”(Unger 2). This man reconfigured and held together a government that at the time seemed to be failing and losing its luster. At some low points in the early times of the new free nation he was also protecting the United States from the very people who were leading it. From the moment he swung open the doors of Congress he began to cleanse it of corruption and barbarism, something that no man of his time could ever accomplish. Henry Clay, for nearly fifty years with his sharp tongue and wit led Congress through some of early American history’s greatest times and greatest measures of power.
Henry Clay was born the seventh of nine children of the Reverend John Clay, a Baptist minister and wealthy tobacco farmer in Hanover County, Virginia. Clay’s ancestors reached America just after the founding of Jamestown in the early 1600s; his mother’s family reached the America’s at the end of that century. In the beginning of his life Clay had to deal with tragedy at a very young age. His father died rather suddenly when he was the age of four, and shortly after when Colonel Banastre Tarleton’s British troop invaded ...

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...ptember, the Senate and the House voted to approve all of Clay’s five bills; which became the Comprise of 1850. Keeping the Union together was Henry Clay’s last great achievement before his death in 1852.
Henry Clay did his duty as a Speaker of the House until the day he died in June of 1852. His legacy even left an influence on our nation’s sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, who praised Clay and quoted him exactly forty-one times in his great debates. Some forget what this man did for the United States, but historians mark him as one of the greatest statesman in American History. The day of his death, the editor of the Washington’s National Intelligencer wrote, “He knew no North; he knew no South. He knew nothing but his country,” (Unger 261). He did indeed hold the states together with his wit, sharp tongue, and charm as he set out to do all those years ago.

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