Essay on The Greatest Presidents Of The Great Presidents

Essay on The Greatest Presidents Of The Great Presidents

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Throughout history, different events have molded and shaped our country. We dealt with horrible depressions, segregation, and many wars. But, we have managed to always stick together, fight through it, and look for the most positive outcomes. Our country has been shaped through many wonderful presidents, and also many social and cultural events. I don’t believe that they can be summarized down into one specific event that changed America. I believe there are many events that are severely significant.
Some of the greatest presidents that helped transform our country are Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft, Eisenhower, Johnson, and Nixon. Each and every one of these presidents had certain plans wishes for our country. And, each and every one of them had their own way of accomplishing them.
Wilson was known for his workings with the federal government. He created such things as the Federal Reserve Act, Federal Reserve Commission Act, and many others. He was also very intrigued with helping with women’s suffrage. While he was president, he led us into World War I. He was very interested in war support and was against anti-war negotiations. He was known for sending our military into other countries such as Latin America, Veracruz, Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I believe he was most known for his sponsorship with the League of Nations and his fourteen points address.
FDR was very intrigued with helping civilians and their work and unemployment. He was also very helpful towards laborers, farmers, and agriculture. He had many great accomplishments such as reducing unemployment rates and protect agricultural land and jobs. FDR was in office when the United States was bombed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor and lead us into World War...

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...f all races and ages to do bigger and better things. I believe a lot of these events and leaders gave our country the courage and backbone that we needed. Our country went from being a great country to being an even greater country. All of these events and leaders have helped mold and define our country into the country it is today. Of course not every single event had a positive outcome right away, and sometimes a positive outcome didn’t always become of it. We have had some very bad times, but have always done are best to come out of those bad times and rise up. We have been through many wars, and depression but it hasn’t stopped us, we have not given up. That is the reason we are who we are today. Our history says a lot about who we are as a country and how we became that way. Over the years we have come such a long way and I believe we have been very successful.

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