The Greatest Legacy Of Fame Essay

The Greatest Legacy Of Fame Essay

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For many, fame is synonymous to being exceptionally good-looking, talented, and rich or being born to rich parents. For the most part, renowned people achieved their status because of their contributions to the society, be it through their inventions, innovations, public service, or by sharing their performing talents to the world. While there are others who continuously strived to become famous, there are those who just lived life according to their own rules and it was fame that sought them.
One of these is Dave Johnson who became highly-recognizable in California in the early 1980s primarily because he became a “bush man.” That’s right! One day, Johnson woke up and decided that he would roam around the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco while pretending to be a bush to scare people off. So how famous did Johnson get? Aside from becoming the city’s beloved icon, he also earned $60,000 annually due to his stint. When Johnson passed away in 2014, all of California’s newspapers printed his obituary and his death was aired on local television.
Another person who became strangely recognizable, even at a time when viral content still was not a thing was Dick Wilson. Although television watchers were already familiar with him due to his role in the television sitcom, Bewitched, it was his role as Mr. Whipple in the Charmin toilet paper commercials that made him famous. The concept of the television ad itself was not remarkable, but viewers were strangely drawn to Mr. Whipple’s character. From 1964, Wilson played Mr. Whipple in 504 commercials which lasted for 21 years and it earned him $300,000 a year for just a few days of work. His fame did not only earn him a good sum of money, he also ranked third in a 1978 poll on the Most Recogn...

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...erican media.
Columbine High School shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, stated on the videotapes that they left behind, that they were sure their act would be publicized and that it would encourage others with the same mindset to follow suit. Indeed, their chilling prediction came true with the string of mass shooters claiming that Harris and Klebold influenced them to commit such crimes. Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista shooter who killed six people in 2014, wrote in his 137-page manifesto that “Infamy is better than total obscurity.” Indeed, they have achieved notoriety, but this practice is a strange and heart-breaking way to attain recognition.
The path towards fame can be long and strenuous, especially for those who are constantly struggling for it. However, as one could see through the examples of these people, becoming well-known can also happen overnight.

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