The Greatest Leaders For The Foundation Of American Government Essay

The Greatest Leaders For The Foundation Of American Government Essay

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Some of the most important leaders for the foundation of American Government was led by Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams. These four men were influence that shaped our political system. They took actions that in hindsight appear misguided, prejudiced, reckless, and even disloyal but without their actions they took our country would not be the same and history would have to rewritten. Even though our government is not perfect, our leaders that founded our government such as Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, and Adams made it what it is today.
The first important leader and founding father of America is Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton came from a humble beginning and defied the odds against him when he became an extraordinary leader and influence towards our country. As the country was developing into a more organized and orderly democratic government, Hamilton became America’s first Secretary of Treasury. During Hamilton’s time in congress from when he began his first term to the time his first term was over, political factions had begun to form. There were the Federalists who supported Washington and Hamilton’s policies and there were the Republicans who were in opposition to the Federalists. The Republicans were also led by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, both leaders who would make an impact in early American government down the road. Hamilton made an impact on congress sooner with his proposed financial program that would help America in economic growth. An important feature of his program was a plan to address a fix to debt and a creation of a national bank. Hamilton’s program was not widely accepted and was opposed by Madison and Jefferson. Madison and Jefferson were afraid of a national bank ...

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... could fall from the lips of the first magistrate of an independent people.” Adams was not a president that was highly praised but he in his defense, Adams was the first to experience the position of Vice President and the President to have to fill the big shoes of the great president George Washington. Taking into consideration the setting and conditions that Adams had to go through during his political career, Adams was average president that helped shape American government into what it is and what it is not.
Even though our government is far from perfect, our founding leaders that shaped our government such as Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, and Adams made it what it is today. Our country would be greatly different without these leaders that turned the tide of politics and how government is done. Without these leaders, our republic government would not be the same.

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