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The Greatest Generation Of History Essay

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Imagine yourself being a part of the greatest generation known to history. A period in time when the depression was over and the economy was on the rise, the war had just ended and the men were coming home to their loved ones, and people gave life a whole new meaning. This is the generation that saw a president get assassinated, a man walk on the moon, a wide variety of music, and the way people viewed women throughout the years began to change.
Between 1946 and 1964, a total of seventy-eight million Americans were born (Croker, introduction). The war just ended and some came home to their loved ones and others did not. Eric Jong, the author of Fear of Flying states, “After every war, people want to make babies because they believe the population has been depleted” (Croker 9). During any war fought, many people lose their lives or are even held captive for many years. With these thousands of people gone, the citizens must repopulate the earth to maintain a balance for the future. Many people in the postwar era looked forward to having children because they were confident that the future would be one of comfort and prosperity (history 1). The seventy-eight million babies just born will grow up to be known as the Baby Boomers; the ones who will change the face of America.
In today’s society, many things are different than it was for the baby boomers growing up. Although there are some similarities such as the music genre that has been forever changing, and a terrorist attack that brought everyone in America together, just like the Kennedy assassination. One thing that is very different now then back then is, the role American women play in this generation.
The baby boomers are by far one of the biggest generations of all time...

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... ourselves to great lengths. Some of these female entrepreneurs are single parents who struggle to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck (Weir 1). Having said that, you always have to think, many Americans today live paycheck to paycheck, not just women. Today, we have a voice and we stand up for what we believe in.
As many of the boomers are reaching the age of seventy, most of them continue to work. Countless boomers have stated, “Retirement does not begin at age 65, we will keep working at our own pace” (Croker 235/236). This generation has proven to be hard workers, hard headed, and they won’t give up until what they started is finished. The boomer generation as a whole, have conquered plenty in their lifetime and have seen so much. As the greatest generation in history begin to pass away, what will my generation accomplish throughout the next sixty years?

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