Greatest Football Players Throughout History Essay

Greatest Football Players Throughout History Essay

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Mississippi like many Southern states lives for sports and no sport like football. It is no wonder then that Mississippi has contributed some of the greatest names of all time to the rolls of football greats. Three of the best to play the game have had their beginning in Mississippi: Walter Payton, the great running back of Chicago Bears, Jerry rice longtime player with the San Francisco 49ers and possibly the greatest wide receiver to play the game, and Michael Oher offensive tackle who started his professional career with the Baltimore Ravens.
Walter Payton was born in Columbia Mississippi On July 25, 1954. Payton signed with the Chicago Bears in 1975 as a running back. In his career he made it to nine Pro Bowls and won MVP twice. Payton set the league rushing record and the single game rushing record. Payton attend college at Jackson State University. While in college he was picked for the all American team and was named the Black College Player of the year at Jackson state. Over his college career he rushed for more than 3,500, and scored more than 450 points. Many fans would s...

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