The Greatest Components Of My Career Path Essay

The Greatest Components Of My Career Path Essay

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Personal statement
Nursing is such a diverse, challenging and worthwhile career that I really feel it is the right course for me. It is a vocation for people who are practical, conscientious, and reliable and who find it easy quickly to establish good, trusting relationships with new people.
Since the role of the nurse is changing in Thailand, it is providing more opportunity for nurses to work toward the professional career by increasing the number of doctoral nursing students, expanding the nursing practitioner, and publishing the research study. Typically, I hope that collaborate with faculty of the School of Nursing, CUA will contribute research proficiency, publish scholarly journal and shaping educational efforts for health care system that these are the
greatest components of my career path.
I am first considering nursing as a professional career when I was studying in third years in Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai university at pediatric nursing practicum. Since I enjoy my time in every aspect of practicing, I decided to work as registered nurse in this, Chiang Mai University hospital, for 6 years in intensive neonatal care unit. I determined that my work experience provided me a huge contribution the nurse makes not only the high standard but also support the family in every aspect of their needs. During this period I had learned about the value of collaboration and information sharing. Fortunately, I decide to leave my work to the lecturer after I graduated in master degree in health promotion because I feel teaching practicing oriented competency will be the foundation of my position and may be wider to dedicate my inspiration to the vulnerable child and their family.
At Mae Fah Luang university, I had...

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... confidence in 6 years experience as a pediatric nurse and 5 years period in Mae Fah Luang University as lecturer will help me in this area. In addition, my leadership experiences , I had been am working as acting head of division pediatric and adolescent nursing , and also participated on the undergraduate curriculum committee to establish curricular content and design, curricular implementation, and ongoing evaluation and revision. I believe that experiences provider me an opportunities to work with team otherwise I am a creative and critical thinking person in a contemplative way.
I hope that my future education in the school of nursing, the CUA will be the greatest beginning of nursing care in Thailand and that will really make a huge change both academic and health system in Thailand and becomes the basis for improvements in nursing science and practice.

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