The Greatest Challenge For Schools Essay

The Greatest Challenge For Schools Essay

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When asked what I believed to be the greatest challenge for schools today the first thoughts that came to mind were problems such as low salary, diversity in the classroom, and changes in curriculum. As I thought further I realized that those problems are microscopic compared to the problem that the schools face with attempting to get parents involved. I am a huge advocate for the phrase “education starts at home” and I personally believe that the success of a student, not only in the classroom but life in general, truly depends on the support system that they have around them. A student must be continuously reminded that education is important in and outside of the classroom.
Professional Collaboration, which is Dimension 5 of the Teacher Education Conceptual Framework states that “Teacher education graduates can practice shared responsibility and positive professional attitudes in collaborative practice with students, colleagues, families, learning organizations, and the community at large.” This statement is extremely important to me because it, in my opinion, states the largest ...

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