The Greatest Battle I 've Fought

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The greatest battle I’ve fought in life has been within my own fears. I was raised in a family of five with two older sisters. My parents always emphasized the importance of doing good in school, being involved in the community and of course going to college to break the cycle in which we lived. I never really gave much thought to what they said or even thought about growing up, especially not in the community in which I was raised. I am originally from a very small town in the Central Valley, our population is very small, the small percentile who makes it to high school graduation attends community college while the rest stay at home to work and start their own families. When my oldest sister left to college it was really hard on my parents, it was her first time leaving home and she left to a university far away from our hometown, she rarely came home and it was very hard to visit her as well. My other sister also left far away from home and although I was much older at the time, it was hard to think that I would only see both during holidays and we would never go back to us being...

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