Essay on The Greatest Barrier On My Study Road

Essay on The Greatest Barrier On My Study Road

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When I was in junior school, I was unwilling to share my actual emotions an essay. I concerned too much about the audiences’ reactions, which made me too fear to tell the truth. Sometimes, I even could imagine the audience’s mocking face when I was hesitating to tell something real.
So the only thing I could do to deal with my writing homework was to write some unrealistic things some insipid things and my essay never had a gist and contain many irrelevant parts. In this case writing becomes the greatest barrier on my study road.
In a usual Sunday, I walked on the street with a sinking heart, concerning about the essay that is due to Monday and I even not decided what to write in mind. My life seemed to be a straight-line between school and home, no memorable activities, no attractive sceneries, even no funny communication with my friends. Nothing was good enough to be written and also proud enough to be shown. Time marched on, but my writing didn’t. In a moment of desperation, I got a great idea. I could write what I was thinking when I was trying to figure out what to write, such as I was overwhelmed by my writing assignment and I really not good at writing.It is really cool, I got something really special and unexposed to finish my homework. I began writing without a moment to preschedule.
At present, I think that essay is a terrible work, too many confusing sentences, without a clear gist and full of unrealistic materials, and in order to show you my old writing style, here are some examples of that writing.
Today is a bad day, I am stuck by my writing homework again. Writing is a terrible thing, what could I write in such a dull life. Oh what a lovely sunshine, I hope I could become the bird that flies freely o...

... middle of paper ...

...he perspective of audience, I always could find some missing points when I am explaining or narrating. Practicing in the right way, I found out that my writing ability improve quickly and sometimes I also could create some poetic sentences. I became more and more interest in writing, I even took all the literature and writing classes during my junior and senior school. I participated in the writing club during my senior school and wrote several popular reports about our school’s Sport Festival. Those reports are published on the school’s newspaper. Those are all the result of Mr.Zhao’s help.
The “three steps of writing” helps me a lot. Without it I could never be what I am at present and may never feel the pressure of expressing and writing. I hope all of you could find the pressure of writing and devote yourselves in it. You will find a really different world.

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