The Great Zimbabwe in South Africa

The Great Zimbabwe in South Africa

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The Great Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is located in the south of Africa. The climate, the people, the lifestyle, and their government; these are all so different than what we see and experience everyday. Zimbabwe is a whole other walk of life. They eat different foods, wear different clothes, and they also have different structures of homes. Zimbabwe isn't too big but also not that small. It is slightly larger than the state of Colorado and it has no coast. The climate is beautiful. It is a mediterranean climate with a very rainy summer season. Even though Zimbabwe has warm weather and plenty of rain, the agricultural output is very low. Lately, they have been experiencing unemployment and high inflation. Zimbabwe has some of the most beautiful waterfalls and landscapes. Zimbabwe is home to one of Africa’s richest supply of natural resources, and most of this abundance has yet to have been properly found use to maximize economic growth and stability.
Zimbabwe is located in the heart of south Africa. This is a landlocked nation but that doesn't mean that is has less use for water and less need of it too. Water is one of their key facts of success. They have a dam blocking the Zimbabwe River, in the north. They also have another river called the Limpopo River to the south. This gives them most of the power needed in their country. Zimbabwe holds the famous Victoria falls, located on the North-West of the country. Located in the south-east of Zimbabwe, there is an ancient site where it was inhabited in the stone age and now is a great tourist attraction.
The people of Zimbabwe are mostly colored. The men and women have different roles in their life. Both women and men work the smallholdings in the communal areas, and the women are responsible for domestic work. About seventy percent of women are smallholder farmers, compared with thirty five percent of men. Even though it is Africa, do not assume that they have their own special language. They actually speak English. There are some however, who live in communal areas, who speak in their own native tongue (most common, shona and ndebele). Their beliefs are mixed, but christianity is mostly common and dominant; some strongly believe in witch doctors. twenty four percent practice traditional beliefs, and twenty five percent practice christianity.
Zimbabwe is suffering from high inflation and unemployment. There economy has a daily inflation rate that climbed as high as ninety eight percent doubling almost every twenty four hours.

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The Gross Domestic Product of Zimbabwe is only six billion nine hundred ten million The main agricultural products are tobacco, cotton, maize, tea and sugar. they manufacture products such as footwear, furniture, and equipment. The mine materials such as gold, nickel, coal, asbestos, and other mineral resources. Their reform program has no benefited them in the way it should have. The corruption with their nations economic system weakens the public system services. The weather affects the agricultural growth which provides for most of the economy. If a drought were to occur the crops would fail to survive and the hydroelectric power would not be powered causing the industrial factories to lose power and fail to complete tasks.
Zimbabwe runs on a semi-presidential republic government. The head of state is President Robert Mugabe with Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai as head of government. The president serves a five year term along side his vice president. The capital Harare is the home to the house of representatives, parliament, and the presidents palace. The upper house has ninety-three seats. These seats are filled by sixty directly elected members, sixteen traditional chiefs, ten provincial governors, the president and deputy president of the council of chiefs, and five presidential appointees. the house of assembly has two-hundred ten directly elected members. Each house serves only five years.

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