The Great Thing About Life Essay

The Great Thing About Life Essay

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It doesn 't matter whether you have been through a breakup, are facing a major change in your life, have had a moment of clarity about who you are who you want to be, or anything else, because reinventing yourself is doable by anyone at any point in their life. The great thing about life is that you can always choose a different path and choose to be someone different. You are not doomed to be who you are today for the rest of your life! This article will talk about how to reinvent yourself at any point in your life, regardless of what has happened or who you want to become.

The problem with reinventing yourself is that it can be hard to do. I 'm sure there are things you declared you were going to do years ago that you still haven 't done. For instance, I know a lady who is 69 years old and has been declaring that she wants to lose 50 pounds since she was about the age of 30. Obviously, she wants to reinvent her body, but reinventing her body has been very hard to do.

If you 've failed at reinventing yourself in the past, you 're not alone! And if you want to learn how to reinvent yourself right now, you are also not alone. The truth is that the majority of us are always striving to become different, so most of us are at a point where we would like to reinvent ourselves.

Why Reinvent Yourself?

If you don 't like where you are, it 's important to reinvent yourself. If you stay the person you are and keep doing the things you do, and you are not happy, then you are going to stay unhappy until you make some changes. You may convince yourself that life is great once in a while, but more often than not you 'll be disappointed.

The fact that you have the ability to reinvent yourself is enough of a 'why ' for most people. Wh...

... middle of paper ... duties.

It also means talking to yourself in a way the new you would talk to yourself. We covered this in step one. No more excuses or blaming because the new you wouldn 't use excuses or blaming, they would just be who they are.

This is really acting as if. Acting as if is already used by therapists to help clients change their behavior and way of acting. [Source:] When you act as if, you feel as if.

For instance:

- When you act as if you are upset, you feel as if you are upset.

- When you act as if you are strong, you feel as if you are strong.

- When you act as if you are a writer, you feel as if you are a writer.

So don 't wait to take on the role of the new you until you have reinvented yourself completely. Instead, take on the role of the new you now to help you become the reinvented you.

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