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The Great Terror Of 1936 Essay

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I know you 've heard of a terrible and cruel dictator taking over and killing anything and everything that gets in his way of what he wants, but you might not have heard of this tragic and historic event. The Great Terror, also known as The Blood Purges of 1936 to 1938, was a series of horrific and barbaric assassinations based on the actions of Joseph Stalin. The purges began in October 1936 and ended in November 1938. The Great Terror occurred in the Soviet Union, but mainly in the city of Moscow. The purges were killings that were directly towards government officials, political leaders, leading cultural figures, followers of those figures, and even civilians. The many men and women Joseph Stalin killed or had killed were because they either opposed him, tried very hard to assassinate him, or both. Stalin executed a mass majority of the Soviet Union population. There is an estimate of 23 million people that lost their lives due to the purge and approximately 7 million arrested and imprisoned.

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from 1929 to 1953. His reign was during the peak of the Soviet Union 's power. Stalin was a cruel and harsh leader who was fascinated by power. He had incredible power and great influential skills. Many of Joseph 's associates and comrades said that he was magnificent because of his crazed way of leading, and even they tended to fear him. He was always determined to stay in control, and he came up with schemes and plans to eliminate anything he disliked. He would always try to stay one step ahead of other countries and try to begin new projects which seemed to fail. Joseph Stalin had many people suffering and killed when he was leading.

Due to the amount of power ...

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... is when the pigs confessed to working and plotting with Snowball and Mr. Frederick. The pigs lost their lives by getting their throats ripped out by Napoleon 's dogs. After that, the remaining hens from the rebellion also were killed with a goose. That all added up to be a blood bath and that major event represented The Blood Purges.

The Blood Purges of 1936 to 1938 were a series of gruesome assassinations of powerful leaders. The purges were full of violent acts that will impact or have impacted us. This historic event is very important and can show you that one man 's madness can bring harm to anyone. I think Joseph Stalin is an awful man for what he did, but his leadership skills and dominance were unbelievable. I would never think one man could posses that much power for such a long duration of time, and continuously have an influence on people after his death.

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