The Great Teachers That Have Influenced My Life Throughout The Years Essay

The Great Teachers That Have Influenced My Life Throughout The Years Essay

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Interviewing Mrs. Irish
I have had many great teachers that have influenced my life throughout the years. However, there is one in particular that has been a huge part of my life in high school. Mrs. Irish, was an amazing and very loving teacher to me and all of her students that she has ever taught. She was a very important teacher to me and others from our community and gave everyone hope and encouraged us all. The majority of her time aside from teaching, she would put things in her life aside to help others because education was very important and that she would dedicate her free time if needed by any student. After interviewing Mrs. Irish, I knew that she was the perfect person to interview after being very close to her for so many years as an old student.
Beginning the interview I ask, Mrs. Irish “How long have you been teaching?” Mrs. Irish has been teaching English,History,and Speech for over more than 25 years. In those two decades, Mrs. Irish enjoyed doing what she loved which was her subjects and on a daily basis and helping others and attending church, also formulating and making decisions of her many ideas about students,the whole entire grading system,and the students themselves. After talking and spending several hours interviewing Mrs. Irish, she shared tons of information with me during this interview.
Starting off the interview I began to ask,”Where did you grow up Mrs. Irish?”,She began to tell me that she was from a poor community more like the one that she has taught in the majority of her life. My next question I began to ask,”When did you decide to become a teacher, and why did you choose this field? ', She simply replied by saying “Even though I have taught in many fields,I was ins...

... middle of paper ..., everyone has a right to acceptance and a free and appropriate public education, that this education should be inclusive of all religions, races, areas of physical need. I love all my students and im willing to go the extra mile to help any way that I could.” .How has teaching in your community made an impact on your life and other students? “It has taught me and my students to think positive and to put your heart into what you do. My students have made a tremendous mark on my life and seeing their faces and seeing what they have become has made me the proudest woman on earth and happy that I inspired them to achieve more in life through the passion of learning.”
Interviewing Mrs. Irish was a pleasure she gave me insight to something she truly loved and I truly admire about what she has done for our community and help making a big change in my life and others.

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