The Great Teachers I Had The Benefit Of Knowing Essay

The Great Teachers I Had The Benefit Of Knowing Essay

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Another huge impact to my personality were the many great teachers I had the benefit of knowing. Every teacher in my childhood always took the time to care about my development and well-being. The public school I grew up hosted activities that helped encourage new friendships that could not have been done without the teachers. Looking back, I see this period of my life through the behavioristic view of psychology. (Weiten, pg 7). By learning what was right and wrong through the conditioning and guidance of my teachers, my understanding of the world helped me create morals I still hold on to today.
Romantic relations have not yet had a big impact on my life and personality yet. Even though I have not been able to find someone I want to spend my life with, I am using this time to work on myself, my goals, and my education. I personally believe that in order to intimately open up to another, one must be comfortable with themselves, being on their own, and independently living in a content mental state. Behavior modification, the idea that we are able to “unlearn” what we have learned, can help us recondition our thoughts towards bettering ourselves and reaching our goals (Weiten, p. 217). Pointing out my flaws and discovering strategies to help with these flaws have helped me work on many aspects of my personality. This includes my tendency to speak before I think. As I learn more, I realize not everything is meant to be said, and words can leave a big impact on the people around me.
Being a woman has always had its positives and negatives. Throughout life, I have felt that the women’s rights movement has not reached its full potential. I can feel discrimination as a woman now more than ever before as I enter the working class o...

... middle of paper ... an online course would provide me with as much insight on life as it did. Reading the first couple of chapters introduced me to the complexity of our intelligence, development, and reasons behind our actions. What struck me most interesting was Sigmund Freud’s profound views. Comically, I found myself thinking about his ideas of the “id,” “ego,” and “superego,” during one of my workouts (Foundations: Freud Youtube). My challenging 3 mile run made me think of how the “id” wants me to stop running for the basic desire of relieving my soreness. The “ego” served as the “bad guy” by telling myself reasons why I should stop running. The “superego” suppressed some feeling forms my “ego” by motivating me to continue my workout. As I continue on with the knowledge I gained from this class, I will use my curiosity I have also gained from the readings to push my education.

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