The Great Sphinx And Recumbent Jackals

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The Great Sphinx and Recumbent Jackals are two of the many beautiful pieces of ancient Egyptian art. Both old pieces of work that’s still with us today. The Great Sphinx has gone through some serious rough erosion and so has other monuments that can be seen around the Egyptian world. But even so it still stands tall in Giza, Egypt; as so does many other marvelous sights that Egypt holds. These Two Egyptian Pieces represent many of the ideals and things they believed in. Such as the gods and kings of their time making the “recumbent jackals” and “Great sphinx” of much importance as well as much needed. An Egyptian king was important and powerful to the people of ancient Egypt. Some of the astonishing pieces of work we see today wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the past kings of Egypt. Most of these astounding works will last for a long time as shown with the still standing Great Sphinx of Giza. A damaged monument from erosion that could of possible been from very intense rainfall. The Great Sphinx has a missing nose and beard. The history of the missing nose could also possibly be from a war with a “Napoleon” cannon ball destroying it. Such interesting history that goes behind these ancient pieces of work. With all the damage the statue is still a well formed representation of power. Every person with an eye for art should enjoy this sight that was given to us from past Egyptians… The Great Sphinx is from the Old Kingdom and time frame C. 2520-2494 BCE, Dynasty. Being known as the largest stone statue ever made in Egypt it stands approximately sixty five feet tall (19.8m). It was carved with the major resource limestone rock. This giant statue depicts “the head of the ancient Egyptian king Khafre on the body of a huge lion.... ... middle of paper ... ...l they had to carve. Many had to work to construct and finish this monument to their king. This construction took many years and with plenty of workers the Egyptians had it will stand around for hundreds of years. Just as they felt their gods and kings would be. To see various art from different times and ages is truly amazing. Art that is cultivating as well as depicting on an emotional, political, and even religious level. The deities of their time are shown as pictures, symbols, and monuments of art. Even some of the Egyptian Kings and Queens were represented as gods. Both the jackal and lion are animals of the wild that represent many things to their people. Hybrids was depicted a lot in ancient Egypt showing humans with cat, dog, lion, and falcon like features most of the time. These two arts used like shrines and are marvelous treasures to the modern day world.

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