Essay about The Great Silent Film Directors

Essay about The Great Silent Film Directors

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Amongst the numerous great silent film directors, the three that are commonly mentioned surrounding that discussion are Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Charlie Chaplin. Having seeing a greater amount of Charlie Chaplin’s magnificent work than the others, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd most certainly still got my consideration. In spite of every one of the three delivering awesome pieces of visual artwork, they shared some comparable attributes, however they each had unique differences which contributed to their each distinct style of silent film production. From seeing films produced by all three of these directors, it is evident that comedy works magnificently well with the silent movie format.
Chaplin took an innovative strategy to attempt to bring a mix of feelings out of the audience, and with his phenomenal acting as his iconic symbol, the “Little Tramp”, his comedic sense of style made his films enjoyable and relatable. In 1936, amid an economic crisis known as the Great Depression, Chaplin would display the last of his iconic little tramp character on screen. *Before this ...

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