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It is the celebration of life that is done symbolically using a chalice and Athame. It is part of the Beltane rituals. Symbolic version creation in the union of the maiden Goddess with her loving God. Beltane is a celebration of sexuality, purification and fertility. The planting of crops is finished, and many crops have grown to seedlings. Bees are very active pollinating flowers, and many creatures are in the height of their mating season. I would not use this in my practice this is not something that is something I want to do. I would light the fires and have the joy of the rituals without taking off my clothes I do not plan on joining a coven and they do not all use it as a sexual thing anyway. It is misunderstood by many people in many ways it is not just a sexual ritual between a man and an women it is also between the chalice and the athame. On the eve of Beltane all fires were extinguished and relit with embers from the Beltane fire. The fires celebrated the return of life and fruitfulness to the earth and would protect, heal and purify anything or one that passed by or jumped over. That it is an actual sexual act performed by the Priest and Priestess of a coven after a ritual. But this is not the case in all ritual in most cases it is between a chalice and a athame. You have to have a sexual doing in these rituals and in fact, it is only in some covens that do this and hardly done anymore.
Beltane is the Sacred Marriage and union of the God and Goddess. Beltane is also a celebration of fertility, fruitfulness and the coming of summer. It is a time when the light half of the year is waxing and everything is growing and coming into full greenery and bloom. It is the last of the spring fertility festivals, and is a time w...

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...s you'd like to see realized. All of these things can benefit from the Beltane celebration of growth and fertility.

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