The Great Prince Of The Royal Family Essay

The Great Prince Of The Royal Family Essay

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Vienna, during the years of 1888 and 1889, was a time-period full of distress as the country mourned the loss of his majesty, Prince Rudolf. The citizens as well as the royal family suffered greatly at the loss of the prince. The start of his journey being a part of the royal family, we see the prince as a young man who desires change but does nothing about his wish. At the end of the novel, the audience is shown a courageous man who murders himself as well as the woman he loves. As result of this death, the country turns into complete and utter chaos and the citizens act immaturely Prior to his passing, Vienna could visually witness the maturity of the son of their royal family.
At the opening of the novel, the author emphasizes the fact on the date of July 6, 1888, the price was sugar increased by two cents as we are introduced to the character of Prince Rudolf. He struts out of his carriage and is described as “a young, very slim man in a lain hacking jacket. His beard half concealed a narrow, taut, handsome face. A face conscious perhaps, that is being waited for. A young man’s face become hollow from too much waiting. Next month he would be thirty” (5). The audience can notice from this description that the prince is extremely young as it is and has enormous responsibility placed on his shoulders at the beginning of his adulthood. Similar the prince, the citizens of the country also have responsibility to accept a future new king. However, the prince is ready to take the throne and handle whatever is thrown his way. We later are informed from the author that the prince is married to a princess named Stephanie from Austria and the fact that Rudolf is unhappy with his marriage. He then later meets Mary Vetsera and de...

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... a sophisticated man would think or say something along those lines about the woman whom he admires.
Progressing through the love story, the prince decided to take the life of his mistress, as well as his own. Maturation plays a huge role in the thought of murder. Anyone can think of the topic of murder, but only someone who has courage can physically perform the act. The country mourns greatly at the loss of their prince and this situation can be intertwined with the idea of the country possessing proper responsibility to accept the death of their prince. A death in any sort of royal family is supposed to be a sad but remembrance period. Instead of accepting the death of the prince, the country turns into chaos and the citizens experience significant change. This ties together the themes of responsibility and maturity between the country and Prince Rudolf.

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