Essay The Great Political Career : Nixon And Pat

Essay The Great Political Career : Nixon And Pat

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The newlyweds lived in Whittier for a couple years but then moved to Washington D.C. Once Pearl Harbor occurred, Nixon felt it was his duty to serve and to find meaning for his life. In 1942, he applied for commission and was stationed in Iowa and sought more excitement and was stationed in the south pacific. He was promoted several times during his years of service and once the war was over he got out of the navy. This was one reason to leave the army; along with a letter received from an old family friend asking if he would want to be on the Republican ticket in 1946. This would be the spark of his great political career along with juggling of raining children.
During this exciting period, Nixon and Pat had two children, Tricia and Julie, in 1946 and 1948. Nixon was 33 years old when he had is first child, which was rather older to have a child back in the 1940’s. In 2011, “the average age of first births had risen to 25.4 years (Papalia, p 431). There was no reason for them having children later they just decided to wait until after the military. This is odd for their generation, because the average age to have kids in the 1940’s would be around 20 years old. However, there were no health issues for waiting to have children. However, it was not normal for them to wait that long for their generation. Potentially, had developed posttraumatic stress disorder from the death of his brothers and was afraid to have children out of fear the same thing may happen to them.
During the time of raising their children, Nixon began campaigning for congress. He went on to win the election to Congress. This would mark his first national political victory. After this victory, he began receiving national attention after being involved in many s...

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... person in history to be elected to the vice presidency twice and to the presidency twice. “The second half of the 20th century known as the age of Nixon” for the act he was in political office for so long ( For some it was hard to believe that when he died, he was really gone because he had always been around and thought he would always be there. Although he dealt with the scandal I would consider his life successful. Richard Nixon life would be anything but normal in regards to the average person. For a man who went through such trauma at such a young age, he came out on top of everything he set his mind to. He competed in extracurricular, had a family, political figure, and then towards the end of his life reshaped his image prior to his death. History ultimately should show that despite his flaws, he was one of our most successful chief executives.

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