The Great Piece Of Literature Of The Ninetieth Century Essay

The Great Piece Of Literature Of The Ninetieth Century Essay

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The great piece of literature of the ninetieth century, The Conclusion is more than just a love story between a young man and a young woman. Within its words lie lessons of maturing and growing up as a woman which are pretty relevant to today surprisingly. This story is written by, Rabindranath Tagore, which was an early leader in the movement for India’s national liberation he will remain in the hearts of many as an inspiration. The story has many noticeable things going on such as the influence of the British educational system in India; differences in social positions; the relationships between the village and city. The story is how this young man wins over a young girl’s heart and desire totally transforming her nature by letting her be wild free spirited self. Mrinmayi, is the character in this story which I found empathy towards because of her lack of traditional gender expressions at her time, she deeply connects to the modern reader just by her actions; showing the choices of women are important, essential, to some point sacrosanct.
Mrinmayi is a character that teaches a lesson in a very particular way. She shows that she can make choices in her time period which was actually very restricted for women. Women now a days still have this sense of being brought down by this patriarchy of society that we been living in. one can truly connect and feel close to her by her actions that lead to a feeling of importance and self-expression. An example of this is the fact that in the Ghat area of the village a distant Zamindar would arrive and all the women would pull down their veils to the tip of their noses, concealing their faces like curtains on a stage. This sounds like the women of the time would humble down to such a figure. ...

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...ning back status and exposure. Her actions shows the influence it had on this young man and teaches some equality in uplifting her choices making them important, essential and even sacrosanct. What I learned from this was to appreciate the efforts someone makes for you. In spite of the circumstances that they were in, having to get married. Because just like she missed him afterwards, his company and the nice things he did for her. Makes anyone appreciate who cares and wants to earn your respect. Also because I didn’t know what I had until I lost it, except that I can’t go back and look for it like Mrimayi did, and act properly corresponding his affections. What I can do is not make the same mistake again and discover it later. All in all a great story leading up to the conclusion of self-discovery as a women in the 19th century that one can still relate to today.

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