The Great Mysteries Of Life And Society Essay

The Great Mysteries Of Life And Society Essay

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Since the beginnings of civilization, philosophers have always pondered about the great mysteries of life and society and sought to great lengths to answer them. One of these great mysteries, “what is the true state of nature?”. has remained a long lasting question that philosophers today still give answers. Two such philosophers, Aristotle and Thomas Hobbes, separated by nearly two-thousand years attempt to answer this question in their respective works, “Politics” and “Leviathan”.
In “Politics”, Aristotle’s claims that the state of nature for humanity is to form a political association between each other in a society. To give credence to his claim, Aristotle names that human instinct to reproduce as one of the key aspect in the creation of society. When a man and a woman come together, a union is usually formed and from that union children are the result. A household is then formed with the father as the head or ‘Sovereign’ as Aristotle would put it. Since a household is a naturally occurring phenomenon, other humans would do the same around the congregate around each other and form a village. Soon other villages arise near each other to create the final form of the political association, the polis or city-state. In shorter terms, Aristotle describes this natural progression of political association as “the city-state comes into being for the sake of life but exists for the sake of the good life” (Aristotle 's Political Theory). Aristotle also gives some aspects into the organization of the polis. First, similar to how a household is ruled by the husband, the sovereign rules over the polis and enforces the laws enacted by the senate over the polis. Second, the citizens of the polis are encouraged to participate in politics and ...

... middle of paper ... for survival. But I believe that this would only be a temporary period and eventually conflict would decrease and the laws of society would rule again. So while I may prefer Aristotle’s view of society, I vehemently oppose his view of inequality and sexism. Though people are born with differing abilities or intellect, no one is born a natural slave but are simply born into bad circumstances. As Hobbes points out, anyone can dominate or be dominated as no one is strong enough in the world to be free of domination.
Since the beginnings of civilization, philosophers have always pondered about the great mysteries of life and society and sought to great lengths to answer them. While both Aristotle and Hobbes both gave insightful answers for the state of nature, this question will most likely never be given a satisfactory answer. But debate is the foundation of philos

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