Essay on The Great Legend Of The Lost Colony

Essay on The Great Legend Of The Lost Colony

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Growing up in my elementary school social studies classes, nothing interested me more than the great legend of the lost colony that went by the name of Roanoke. The well-known mystery Colony, which allegedly vanished and had no way of ever being solved, and for centuries there had been no big break in the case Of course all that was believed to be true until, around August 10th 2015 when new found artifacts explained otherwise.
Everyone knows how the story goes, in 1587, Governor John White, was in charge of over one hundred men, women and children, and was responsible to set up the first permanent colony in the states on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Governor White had been to the colony two years prior in 1585, to map everything out for himself and the settlers sake. After White got the colony established, he sailed off to England to bring back more supplies for the colony, leaving the settlers and his family behind. Unfortunately, his one year round trip spiraled into a three year trip, due to the war between England and Spain, which is better known as the Anglo-Spanish War. Finally, upon his arrival back to Roanoke with the supplies in 1590, he soon discovered that no sign of civilization was left. Not only was everyone gone, but all the buildings had been carefully taken apart, along with all and any of the possible resources. The only clue John White was left with, was a single carving on a tree hauntingly spelling out the word ‘CROATAN’. Ever since, there has been plenty of theories trying to explain what really happened in that three year time span.
A few of the most common and well known assumptions are that the settlers tried to sail home but likely starved to death, or drowned before arrival, and the other assumpt...

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...n hands, was so he could not only protect his people, but more importantly his wife, daughter, and grand-daughter, the beloved Virginia Dare.
Now if you think the grand Roanoke Colony case is solved, like I did, you’re wrong. Evans goes on to tell us that the mystery has just begun. These few artifacts only explain where some colonists went after Roanoke. Site X isn’t even on Roanoke Island, it’s across the water.

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