The Great Leaders Of The 20 Century Essay

The Great Leaders Of The 20 Century Essay

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The leaders of the 20 century face more things different than the leaders of the 21 century. The difference landscapes, the role of a leader within organization and the nature and types of challenges and the leader of the 21 century must be people centric.
The differences of the landscapes are more people worked on the 20 century than 21century a lot of rules, codes and tight procedures. The landscape of the 21 century is less people, fewer rules and horizon line managers. The differences in business landscapes will change the role of a leader within the organization today and in the future. . The leaders must be people centric in order to create a competitive edge. The evolution of business landscapes in the past century through this century has created a new role for the
The business landscapes.
The business landscapes of two centuries 20 and 21 are absolutely difference. The difference of the 20 century and 21 century is in the 20 century the companies hire more people while the 21 century the companies only hire few people. In the 20 century, companies get lots of venture capital (Gayle, 2011 June 20, line 30). The reasons of different business landscape because the increase global competitive and high technology. In the 20 century, most competitors were domestic companies and not global organization. In current century, the business landscape has been changing such as new technology and the knowledge management.
The organization structure of the 20 century is bureaucratic with a lot of rules, codes and many employees. Bureaucratic organization structure is a strict structure with tight procedures, policies and constraints. According to Burley, a bureaucratic organization structure is one with rigid an...

... middle of paper ..., developing new products, providing new services, and often new solutions because consumers today are not only want a product or a service. They seek companies that providing the solutions for their problems.
The role of a leader
Because of the difference in business landscape, the role of a leader within organization today is to manage the diversity employees, deliver quality and innovative products, building partnerships with stakeholders, being innovative and collaborating with employees. The role of a leader today is learning, engaging, adapting, developing community, protecting the environment and building the relationship with other. The common role of leadership is leading innovation across the business. The familiar leadership role is leading change and innovation across the business (Gitsham , Wackrill, Baxter and Pegg 2012 March p.12). Ronald

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