The Great Leaders Of Israel Essay

The Great Leaders Of Israel Essay

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Throughout this essay, I’ll provide information about the many great leaders of Israel. During this classic era of the Judges, Israel was faced with corruption and sin. For centuries, Israel was governed and saved from military disaster through local front-runners known as judges. But sadly, the judges lost the views of the immediate society’s support and demanded Samuel’s assistance.
Amazingly, the nation of Israel looked upon him to reform the political affairs and select a king to succeed him. On the other hand, he is warned by God of such a catastrophic move. But God directs him with the naming of Saul, the first king of Israel. Regrettably, Israel became out of control, and many individuals of this nation acted upon what believed to be right or wrong in their view. Also, Ripening and detailing information about these kings’ characteristics and traits is displayed all through this paper.
Samuel is born to a great Biblical woman by the name of Hannah. She offers him to Israel chief priest Elli, to be nurtured as a Nazirite. And she took Samuel to the Tabernacle to serve God. Around this time, Israel was facing a malicious combat with the Philistines. On the other hand, the Philistines lose the Ark of the Covenant that is claimed by the Philistines. Because of the lethal plagues that hit the Philistines that causes a dreadful disease problem, the Ark of the Covenant is gladly given back to the lawful proprietor that is the Israelites.
God uses him to change Israel’s government procedures. Also, he becomes acknowledged by the Israelites as a well-known prophet all over Israel. He brings God’s word to the people. He encourages Israel to discontinue all of their pagan customs. Short...

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...ept him from following the ways of God. He had difficulties staying faithful. His disobedience to God and the covenant made him lose almost all his blessings from God. Regrettably, his covenant violation caused him to lose faith and of his nation. However, because of his unfortunate actions, it ultimately resulted in the split of the nation of Israel that occurred after his death.
In closing, these kings all demonstrated positive and negative attributes. For example, King Saul was anointed by the nation of Israel and power crazed. God elected King David, and he did everything to fulfill the glory of God. On the other hand, King Solomon followed the ways of God and drifted away that resulted from Israel becoming divided. Ironically, this nation faced many trials and tribulations through these kings that resulted in a positive or negative action.

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