The Great Lakes Basin Is Emerging As More Policies, Programs, And Social Sustainability

The Great Lakes Basin Is Emerging As More Policies, Programs, And Social Sustainability

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Social science literature examining climate change adaptation policy in the Great Lakes Basin is emerging as more policies, programs, and strategies identify climate change as a threat to cultural, economic, environmental, and social sustainability. In this sense, research specifically examining this policy area is undeveloped and currently growing in response to increasing climate change impacts. Therefore, this literature review was constructed to contextualize this research topic by surveying relevant climate change concepts, examining current literature, and exploring schools of thought that measure policy. In delving into these three areas, this literature review seeks to provide a holistic perspective composed of relevant research dimensions.
First, in order to contextualize different approaches to climate change adaptation, an exploration of current climate change concepts and theories was explored. This included concepts such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as theories such as the ability of ecosystems to adapt to climate change impacts and reactions to these changes, while also examining the overall conceptualization of climate change as a wicked problem for the global commons. Second, in order to identify current research gaps, an exploration of social science literature specific to climate change policy in the Great Lakes Basin was conducted. This was completed to understand how scholars are analyzing this area of policy. And third, in extending beyond how scholars are currently studying this research area, an examination of current analytical approaches used to measure transboundary water policy was performed.
Climate Change Literature
More broadly, climate change policy literature uses a wide ran...

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... Basin. An example of a prominent public document at the international level includes the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992), which perceives both climate change adaptation and mitigation as essential in responding to the changing global climate (Füssel and Klein, 2006). As well, at the national level, Canada has developed the Canada’s Action on Climate Change (2014) document, which prioritizes the reduction of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, and funding projects that adapt to climate change. At the provincial level, Ontario’s Climate Ready (2011) report describes in length, actions and strategies that will be taken in order to reduce climate change. Thus, adaptation and mitigation actions are being promoted as appropriate responses and reactions to climate change across numerous jurisdictions in academic literature and technical reports.

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