The Great Islands Of The Pacific Ocean Essay

The Great Islands Of The Pacific Ocean Essay

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I came into this course with much less knowledge and appreciation for the region as I do now, but I did put it in my class selection tree because I did have some prior understanding of the great islands of the Pacific Ocean. I had always enjoyed a good Hawai’i action movie or a surf film, but it was not until relatively recent exposure to some pacific related content that my academic interests were peaked. It seemed that this past summer, by coincidence, every show I watched or book I read somehow tied into the Pacific island region.
I’d say my interest in the region was brought about a few years ago when I watched a film, 180 Degrees South, where the main individual that the documentary focused on visited the island of Rapa Nui. He explained the dynamics of the prior indigenous population which led to the nearly permanent deforestation of the island, and I later had the opportunity to do a research paper on this particular island and the environmental disaster topic which was a great opportunity. I appreciated the documentary’s commentary on looking at the social issues and histories of the islands because it was fresh and I had been so used to the westernized versions of Polynesian lifestyles as commonly portrayed in many movies and shows. In addition to being aware of Rapa Nui, I just so happen to have had a large map of the region hanging on my living room wall as I was raised. This gave me a decent understanding of the layout of the region and also a general appreciation for the concept of how large the distances were between some of the islands. This understanding later proved useful in the course because I could have a general concept of what the scale of the voyages we discussed were. Being from Florida, I have had the op...

... middle of paper ... in another rather than look for differences to despise and exploit. With the help of the appropriate academic departments and a team of peers to travel and design the project with, I would be proud to set off on an experience around the world.
I understand that a project like this is not only would take some time, but it could be of potentially high cost. I would like to conduct this project with relative urgency, but would like to take time to make sure it is done properly and has the impact that we wish to have. To aid in this decision, I believe that travelling by sailboat and backpacking will allow us to be both patient and save money. To achieve the social art mission of promoting the Oceania studies program, I would be asking for approximately $32,000 of funding for 24 months of travel. I appreciate the consideration by the department and hope to talk soon.

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