Essay on Great Is the Reward

Essay on Great Is the Reward

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Are you exhausted with the big I little you? No ifs, ands, or buts, about it “United we stand divided we fall.” cease the conflicts over personal views of principle of relevance. From Homeric perspective, if we do not reward the virtuous and allow others to evade their just deserts for whatever inappropriate actions that they may take, have we then failed in our mission regardless of the value of our intentions? Louis Pojman, “affirmed that we should endeavor to create a world in which, the virtuous are rewarded and the vicious be punished in proportion to their relative deserts.” Like me, most of us would agree with an affirmative such as this.
First, Pojman argues that we should strive to form a world in which “the virtuous are rewarded and the vicious be punished in proportion to their relative deserts,” In rationality I believe that the virtuous will be eternally rewarded and the vicious will be inevitable punished. Pojman wants us to realize that those who work methodically should get what they deserve. Many times people who work diligently to achieve goals endure moderate to no success. In oppose to those who inherit success and possessions, they waste, ruin and make catastrophe out of deserve because they didn’t earn it; therefore, they do not know how to appreciate the value of it.
Merit and desert are two essential principles of ethics. The use of these essential principles has much to do with the workings of our society as well as the good of humanity. I will explore why we value merit and why we should acknowledge the necessity of desert throughout the stages of life. I agree that the virtuous should be rewarded and malicious punished, but it is easier said than done. Today many are oppose to the ethnocentris...

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...f a life,” not a rational lawmaker. (Waller B. N. p.140)
Indeed, utilitarian’s are opposed to Kantian. They deem in maximizing utility over the principle of equal rights for all citizens, many would agree that everyone is entitle to equal human rights regardless of their state of affairs, for this reason the virtuous will be eternally rewarded and the vicious will be inevitable punished. Pojman argues that we should strive to form a world in which "the virtuous are rewarded and the vicious be punished in proportion to their relative deserts," In prudence those who support that senses or moral truth are more than the natural world but more of a divine power would doubtless agree that the virtuous will be eternally rewarded and the vicious will be inevitable punished.


Waller, B (2008). Consider Ethics (2nd Ed) New York: Pearson Longman

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