The Great Ideas Of World Civilizations Essay

The Great Ideas Of World Civilizations Essay

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During the class GREAT IDEAS OF WORLD CIVILIZATIONS we read about some people who have help or influence humanity throughout history. The diversity is astonishing, as the ideas of these great thinkers. To be a great thinker is essential to have great ideas. Anyone can be part of these people, but most of them had more than just a good idea; they had the courage of bringing this idea to life. There are common characteristics that every valuable idea shares. Every worthy idea is very different because what makes it good are not the characteristics that shares with one another, but more specific qualities that makes the idea better than any others.

A great thinker needs to be realistic and formulate achievable ideas. One can set their own imagination free and create multiple ideas. However, if the ideas cannot be created because there’s not enough technological advancement or is against physical laws at the time when formulated this idea is not doable yet. Any good idea has to be different from the others and provide a better outcome that any of the ideas that already exist. A good idea doesn’t need to be new to be great, but to provide something extra that any other current idea can provide. Some of the most remarkable ideas from human history were born in a society that didn’t understand it, but with time and technological advances were possible to be proven and utilized to create SOMETHING BETTER; bringing the ideas to life is what makes the creators a great thinkers.

In our current society, humanity has had the privilege of having many great thinkers that create a more comfortable and efficient way for society to be better. Technological advances have been changing lives more rapidly than ever before. It is hard to point ou...

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