Essay on Great Hockey Star: Bobby Orr

Essay on Great Hockey Star: Bobby Orr

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Bobby Orr is considered one of the few great hockey stars of his generation from the 1940’s. As he is also the youngest player to ever be elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame which was at age 31. Bobby Orr was a skilled player that helped the Boston Bruins to become known for being a great offensive team, and the team was known as the Big Bad Bruins because of their brutal and physical play. This shows the lasting impact of Bobby Orr, as they still play that way today. Bobby Orr also led the Boston Bruins to two Stanley Cups in his career; one in 1970 the other in 1972(cit) Bobby Orr is a great hockey player and human being, from his rise to the NHL, and throughout his career and in his personal life that followed was an impact on the community.
Robert Gordon (Bobby) Orr was born on March 20, 1948 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada and he grew up there with his brothers Ron (Ronnie), and Doug and his sisters Patricia and Penny. His parents were Arva and Doug Orr. He grew up playing hockey with his friends, skating all day. "Playing with my buddies, whether it's on the bay or the river or the school rink, parking lot, playing hockey, those are my fondest memories," he said. "We'd have our skates and our stick, and away we'd go, and your parents would say, 'Be home by dark." He started to play organized hockey at age 5 and that was where it all started. ("The Passion of Bobby Orr.")
Bobby Orr’s start in hockey was something that would become something that he would developed a passion for throughout his lifetime. It was one thing that always made him smile, being on the ice. If you were a young boy growing up in Canada you most likely dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL and that dream came true for Bobby Orr, but it all ...

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...people or sign autographs but he really emphasizes kids learning good values in sports and to have fun. ("Bobby Orr.")
One of the few great hockey stars of the generation of the late 1940’s is Bobby Orr. He was the youngest player to ever be elected into the hockey hall of fame which was at age 31 in 1959. Bobby Orr was a skilled player that was considered a magician on the ice. ("Orr, Bobby.") Bobby was a major attraction and he brought many people to ice arenas across North America, and when he was playing in a game their arena was usually a sell out to see Orr do his magic. ("Orr, Bobby.") He considered by many hockey players and fans one of the best defenseman to ever lace up a pair of skates. A great hockey player and human being, whose rise to the NHL, throughout his career and in his person life that followed was an impact to the community is Bobby Orr.

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