Essay on The Great Grandfather By Mangal Pande

Essay on The Great Grandfather By Mangal Pande

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1. Samad’s Great grandfather, Mangal Pande, Played a huge role in history because he was the one who allegedly started a revolutionary uprising in India. Mangal Pande shot the first bullet in the Indian mutiny of 1857. Samad looks up to his great grandfather and hopes to be just like him. Samad thought he should be treated like royalty because of his blood. I believe having his great grandfather in his blood gave him hope and made him believe in himself. Samad feels the need to let everyone know who his great grandfather was. He considers himself above other because of his family history.
2. Clara immigrated from Jamaica to England with her mother. In search of a different life Clara meets Ryan Topps. After meeting Ryan she becomes fascinated with his lifestyle and decides to adopt his values. Ryan Topps seemed to drive Clara away from her religion and family because he was showing her a new life. Ryan ends up converting and when they crash on his scooter Clara’s top teeth are knocked out. After things not working out with Ryan Clara meets Archie at a New Years party. Clara finds Archie unimpressive and is twice her age but they still end up getting married.
3. The first time that Archie and Samad first meet is during World War II. They are both sent on a mission through Eastern Europe. Archie is fascinated by Samad because he goes on about how he is above ordinary army service. Samad still looks at himself like royalty. After the war is over Archie and Samad end up spending tons of time together and forming a friendship. Samad tells Archie that they will know each other for the rest of their lives and that one-day they will meet again. “I AM NOT A WAITER. I HAVE BEEN A STUDENT, A SCIENTIST, A SOLDIER, MY WIFE IS CALLED ALSANA,...

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...e more English. On the other hand, Milat was never really accepted by his father and would rebel by smoking and drinking. I think that their intentions were very similar but since Magid was sent away they ended up taking different paths.
15. Dr. Sick, Or Dr. Marc-Pierre Perret, Conspired with the Nazis on their notorious eugenics projects. Samad and Archie join the Russian mission on raiding Dr. Perret. Samad and Archie end up capturing Dr. Perret after a game of poker with the Russians. Samad wants to kill Dr. Sick so that they will become heroes when they return home. Samad challenges Archie to kill the Doctor saying he wants to know what kind of man he is. It was believed by Samad that all this time Archie killed Dr. Sick but he ends up returning when the Future Mouse conference is held in London. Archie once again saves his life when Milat attempts to kill him.

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