The Great Gatsby : East Vs. West Egg Essay

The Great Gatsby : East Vs. West Egg Essay

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The Great Gatsby: East vs. West Egg
Class identity and social structure was a big thing in the Roaring 20 's. In the Great Gatsby, Long Island was divided into two to three social classes. There is East and West Egg, and then The Valley of Ashes. The Valley of Ashes were where poor people worked, and where Myrtle, a mistress of Tom Buchanan resides. East and West Egg were where old and new money people are. East Egg residents just made tons of money, but still are looked down upon by West Egg residents. West Egg residents had that money for generations. If West Egg residents want to start a new generation with some other rich partner though, where do they stand? Why are the West Egg residents so looked down upon as well by East Egg?
In the book, James Gatz, also known as Jay Gatsby just came back from war, and has Nick, be somewhat of his wingman to his previous love gone wrong. Daisy Buchanan, current wife of Tom Buchanan, was Gatsby 's first love, but soon forgot about during WWI. Daisy being brought from old money and loving Gatsby with a financial status around the people of the workers of The Valley of Ashes, it just couldn 't happen. Jay Gatsby seizing the moment after WWI, bought a mansion, threw tons of parties to attract more attention for Daisy who is right across the sea for him. The parties didn 't work, but thanks to Nick, who is cousins with Daisy, he hooks Daisy back up with Gatsby right where they left off.
The problem with this is Tom finding out. As Daisy 's husband, he feels automatically jealous, and he has a right to be. He also is greatly insulted as Daisy chose “New Money” over him later on. As the norm of Long Island, “Old Money” is better than “New Money”. What Gatsby had felt was more of not a Romeo and ...

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... much wealth from surviving a war, and build his dream near the American dream.
Finally to conclude, Westermayer says that East Egg is arrogant and sophisticated, while Gatsby just returning from the war, gets no sympathy except a lot of cash payment and that goes towards Daisy. Donaldson says that money can 't buy happiness. The Buchanans are just troublemakers that hide after they caused the damage. Slater stated that Gatsby, or Gatz is technically not American, and therefore he can 't follow the dream, but his money should be able to get whatever he wants. East Egg, or “old money” IS arrogant, so why should they hate on someone probably more beautiful than their own partner when they 're a lower class than their spouse? Tom is the biggest example of this and being a family man, the Buchanans in general are the oddest bunch of rich people starred within this book.

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