Great Food and a Great Philosophy Essay

Great Food and a Great Philosophy Essay

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In order for a person to be successful in his or her profession, it is essential for one to believe in the work they are doing. It is the duty of an employer to make efforts to engage employees and create a comfortable working environment. However, a noteworthy employer will go beyond that, striving to inspire his staff to feel passionate about the work they are doing. At Clif Bar & Company, CEO Gary Erickson has done just that. His employees are provided with awesome benefits that inspire them to feel passionate about the company’s mission, and they do. This approach is different than the usual “run-of-the-mill” benefits program implemented by many companies like Nestle, the makers of another energy bar, PowerBar.
I believe the distinct difference between the two companies is the different focuses of each one. Nestle is a global company that manufactures over 2,000 brands worldwide, operating in more than 86 countries worldwide. From energy bars to chocolate bars, it’s well-known brand name is a big player in the grocery food industry. Their slogan, “Good Food, Good Life”, maintains the companies mission statement of “providing the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night”( But does Nestle instill these same values in their staff by providing a benefits package that makes them passionate for this cause? While Nestle does have some very practical benefits, they aren’t exactly exciting in relation to employee motivation.
Nestle’s very attractive benefits brochure outlines a pretty traditional employee benefits plan. While these benefits make it obvious they value their 330,000 plus staff members, it speaks nothing of the company’...

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