Great Expectations - Pip's Life Essay

Great Expectations - Pip's Life Essay

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In stage two of Great Expectations, we are observers to the happenings in Pip's new home of London. Pip's simple life in Kent is vastly different from his privileged life in the metropolis. For example, in Kent there were so few people that everybody knew everybody else, whereas, in Pip's new abode, there are many more people which makes it impossible to know everybody. However, we can see that there are similarities in the personalities of the city-dwellers and the inhabitants of Kent. Along with these changes from small town to metropolis, there also comes a whole plethora of positive and negative experiences that allow Pip to grow as a person.
The rural and urban settings portrayed in Great Expectations are very easily described and compared. In the rural environment of Kent there is a sense of community, and even Miss Havisham is fairly sociable and has people over. Pip's home in the marshes is also very small and somewhat clean, and it is a place where everyone is familiar with each other. London, the urban counterpart, is a bustling city that is moderately dirty because o...

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