Great Expectations By Charles Dickens And Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

Great Expectations By Charles Dickens And Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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Increased opportunities lead others to success. This can be seen in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. If I were a part of a group that lead others to success there are several issues that would need to be addressed. These issues would include a need for proper education and providing money for those in need, and an increase in job and internship opportunities.
An issue that would need to be resolved in order to lead people to success is a proper education. In Great Expectations Pip was an orphaned boy being raised by his sister and her husband Joe. Pip received some schooling, but it was really not enough for the goals in life he had for himself. He was taught by the great-aunt of a man named Mr. Wopsle. Pip was taught by this woman who, “ was a ridiculous old woman of limited means and unlimited infirmity”(Dickens 32). He learned basic reading and writings, but even that was a struggle and was not enough. With proper and constant education Pip may have been better suited for becoming a proper gentleman, which is what he wanted to do. Gladwell in Outliers also stresses the importance of education and how education leads to success. One example was in Chapter 9 when he discusses the KIPP Academy. The KIPP Academy is located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York. This school gives these underprivileged children an opportunity to learn that they would not have had somewhere else. Gladwell explains that these kids, “ (live) in one of the country’s worst neighborhoods- whose parents, in an overwhelming number of cases, never set foot in a college- do as well in math as the privileged eighth graders of America’s wealthy suburbs”(Gladwell 252). With this school these children are given ...

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...fortunate. However, most of the time people really are just in a tough situation without the education or resources to get a job. It does not matter how much they try to get one sometimes it just does not happen for

them. They really do just need a helping start so that they can find work and be successful. By giving people even just small job or internship opportunities, a program could change lives of people for the better and lead to greater amount of success.
In the books Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell we see stories of success and failure. We also see how success is significantly improved with the more opportunities that are given. If plans and programs were created to provide proper education and financial support towards that education, and an increase in job opportunities, then we could lead others to greater success.

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