Essay about Great Expectation and the Industrial Revolution

Essay about Great Expectation and the Industrial Revolution

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Great Expectation and the Industrial Revolution
Great Expectations takes place roughly during the same time of the Industrial Revolution. While there are many similarities between the movie and the Industrial Revolution, there are also many differences in the lifestyles, which Charles Dickens, in Great Expectations, twisted slightly from actual industrial reality to order to illustrate a certain message about the Industrial Revolution.
The film and the actual times have some similarities, because they take place in the same time in roughly the same area, but the similarities are actually surprisingly few between the two worlds. One of the similarities is that, in the industrial times, many people moved from their farms and the cottage system to the work in the factories in the cities, causing urbanization. In film, Pip also worked in the cottage system, he was an apprentice to the blacksmith and then he moved to the big city of London. Just like many people at that time, Pip moves to the urban area in the pursuit of a better life. Other than that and the fact that the film and the Industrial Revolution approximately coincide temporally and spatially, the lifestyles of the people in the film are vastly different than those of the actual times.
As for differences, the film takes actually takes place a little bit earlier than the real meat of the Industrial Revolution. For instance, in the film there are no electric lights and automobiles, but it is known that both of those items were invented during the Industrial Revolution. This would of impacted the lifestyles of Pip and others in the film because it meant that they couldn't work or do anything the night and could only do things by light of the sun. The lack of cars meant ...

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...ig snob who thinks that he is a great gentleman. Pip dreads Joe's visit because he looks down on him, but Pip is then is shocked by Joe's humbleness and his simple, quiet dignity. Also, at the end of the movie, Estella and Pip fall in love, and Estella ends up not marrying Drummle, the stuck up London gentleman. Estella favors the original country boy, and on a larger scale, this showed how Dickens thought how the quiet country life was superior to the industrial life.
Most importantly, the entire movie is just one story of how a simple country boy is turned into a snob by the city life. Moreover, Pip doesn't gain anything when he goes to live in the city and actually is less happy than his early days. In this, Dickens is trying to convey the sense that being wealthy and aristocratic is not as important as having loyalty, love, humble dignity, and inner worth.

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