Essay on The Great Depression : The Worst Period

Essay on The Great Depression : The Worst Period

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Compare and Contrast Essay Rough Draft January 26, 2016
Justin Park
The Great Depression was the worst period in the history of America’s economy. There is no way to overstate how tough this time was for the average worker and there was a feeling of desperation that hung over the entire country. Current political wisdom leading up to the Great Depression had been that the federal government does not get involved in business or the economy under any circumstances. Three Presidents in a row; Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover, all were cut from the same cloth of enacting pro-business policies to generate a powerful economy. Because the economy was doing so well during the “Roaring 20s”, there wasn’t much of a dispute over this type of leadership. While President Hoover kept that same mindset in his approach to economic recovery, his successor President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took a completely different and pragmatic approach, willing to think outside of what was accepted at the time.
President Hoover continually reminded Americans that things would get better if they kept working hard and pushed through. The average person grew tired of hearing this message and began to lose faith in him. The overall feeling in the country at the time was of complete hopelessness. Unemployment was at astronomical rates, which led to families falling apart. EyeWitness to History reports that many men, “did not take this loss of power as the primary decision maker and breadwinner very well. Many stopped looking for work, paralyzed by their bleak chances and lack of self-respect. Some became so frustrated that they just walked out on their families completely. A 1940 survey revealed that 1.5 million married wome...

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