Essay on The Great Depression: Social Programs and the Recovery of US Economy

Essay on The Great Depression: Social Programs and the Recovery of US Economy

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Imagine an uncomfortably crowded street, littered with damp cardboard boxes assembled into make shift homes. A chilling wind blowing from the north slowly freezes the damp boxes as they are now painfully covered in snow. These destitute streets once were filled with children laughing any playing, perhaps in another time they would have enjoyed the snow. But sadly now the sounds of laughter have been replaced with an eerie silence as the sick and hungry fill the streets. You might imagine this scene in some third world country ravaged by war.
Unfortunately, this was due an economic crash of epidemic proportions. Prior to the stock market crash of 1929, the American Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s forever changed the way of life. A once agrarian society, thriving on agriculture and the raising of livestock, was now changing into a more economically based culture. The growth of this new economic development gave birth to capitalism. High paying jobs in the city seemed to offer a better way of life, as many Americans began to move from these rural communities to nearby cities.
Life seemed to get easier, and the progression of this economic development led to the roaring twenties, which was a prosperous time and life seemingly could not get any better. After the economic meltdown, of the stock market crash, many of Americans who once had a sense of financial stability were now scrapping for food; this was not the result of a shortage of food but rather a lack of finances necessary to purchase food.
As with any species populations tend to fluctuate over time. The growth and decline of a population seems to be dependent on the inherit carrying capacity of the environment. Studying these trends gave rise to tw...

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