The Great Depression Of St. Louis Essay

The Great Depression Of St. Louis Essay

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The 1930s plagued St. Louis with unrelenting economic hardships until war based economies began to prepare for the inevitable global conflict of the early 1940s. World War II revitalized the economy of the St. Louis region and relieved the population from the constraints of the Great Depression. The city experienced a 50% decrease in manufacturing, and unemployment levels greater than 30% by the end of 1933. Projects through the Works Progress Administration put people to work, but did little in reviving the ailing city. The threat of World War II, however, relieved St. Louis from the economic strife and put men and women of all races to work in order to aid the allied war effort. St. Louis changed to accommodate the new war industries by allowing companies to come into the region, such as Atlas Powder Company, and also by changing current production practices for the war as when Chevrolet converted to creating amphibious vehicles for the Normandy Invasion. The war created much needed jobs for the city and its residents. World War II economically revitalized the city, but it also ch...

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