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The Great Depression is marked as one of America’s most detrimental times. The economy was in such a state of disarray during this period. The Great Depression was influenced by many things during the 1920 's and the new deal tried to solve many of the problems that arose during the Great Depression. Many people believe that the great stock market crash of 1929 is the leading cause as to what began the great depression, however, this is wrong because although the stock market crash gave America its final push to the great depressions beginning, this is not one of the major factors which led to the great depression. There are many factors that caused the great depression to begin. The three that will be addressed in this paper are uneven wealth distribution, ill equipped global financial system, and overproduction.

Uneven wealth distribution was a leading reason that resulted in the great depression. Uneven wealth distribution means that a small portion of the overall population has a majority of the wealth. With so little of the population having all the money, it was difficult for the entire nation to have a sufficient amount of money. This is the reason that uneven wealth depression lead to the great depression; however, when Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933 he aimed to create economic security among the unemployed. He enacted many laws and acts to build the society back up by having the government supply what was needed to the citizens of America through the new deal itself. The top 1% had the same income as about 45% of the population. This is uneven wealth distribution at its finest and when the Great Depression began this gap only got larger due to lack of employment.

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...s then they could afford to have without a plethora of new consumers.

America’s most financially detrimental time had many causes and is not a period of history that should be taken lightly. The Great Depression has taught us what a functioning society does not look like and what signs and causes America should be cautious of as to not enter into another great economical depression. The 1920 's was a great time for America as it was referred to as the "roaring 20 's" but it lead to such a dark time that we have learned how quickly the economy can crash if the government is not carefully regulating the use of loans, money, and other things of this sort. Therefore, the Great Depression should be acknowledged as an eye opening time in our history as we learn how to manage our economy and assure economic security in the individuals, businesses, and overall the USA.

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